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I any different groups developed this productive farming region. York-ton's first settlers hailed from Ontario; in their footsteps came the Ukrainians of Canora and the Douk-hobors of Veregin. The diverse origins of settlers here and elsewhere in Saskatchewan is the theme of Yorkton's Western Development Museum. The region also glories in its diverse and attractive natural surroundings. Good Spirit Lake's shifting sand dunes provides a perfect habitat for birds, while Duck Mountain offers a lovely lofty, forested getaway in the heart of the prairies.


Canora [B6] A 4.6-m-high statue of a maiden in Ukrainian garb greets visitors to Canora. Called Lesia, the statue bears a tray with bread and salt, symbols of respect. The town takes its name from the first letters of the Canadian Northern Railway, which brought Ukrainian settlers here in the 1890s. The Ukrainian Heritage Museum preserves their books, costumes, and other effects. The style of the 1928 Holy Trinity Church reflects Ukrainian architectural traditions.


Duck Mountain Provincial Park [B8]

Madge Lake, the heart of this park, offers beaches, campsites, boating, golfing, and fishing. Duck Mountain, rising 240 m above the surrounding prairie, is the southern limit of mixed aspen and evergreen forest in Saskatchewan. Trails enable exploration of the park's wilds, where black bears and moose can be seen.


Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park [B5]

Saskatchewan's best sandy beaches are said to be here. The most conspicuous feature is an expansive tract of shifting sand dunes, created by the relentless impact of wind and water over thousands of years. Visitors can explore the dunes by boat or along hiking trails. Interpretive hikes with park guides are available in peak season.


Pelly [A7] The village is named after Fort Pelly, a key Hudson's Bay Company post. The site of the 1824 post is 12 km southwest of Pelly Its 1843 successor is also located nearby. Northwest of Pelly, Fort Livingstone was a North West Mounted Police base, built in 1874 and destroyed by fire a decade later. Pelly's museum uses scale models to illustrate the history of these forts.

Veregin [B7] The National Doukhobor Heritage Village tells the story of 7,400 Russian religious dissenters who fled persecution in their homeland and settled in Saskatchewan in 1899. The 1918 prayer home displays a traditional rug-making loom, a "peche" or brick oven, and a coach that once belonged to Doukhobor leader Peter Veregin.

Yorkton [D6] This city of 16,000 is situated in the rolling hills of Saskatchewan's parkland, renowned for its bountiful grain harvests. In 1882, the region's first farmers, from Ontario's York County, clustered around a settlement called York City. Eight years later, they moved closer to the railway, at which time York City was renamed Yorkton. A plaque outside Yorkton marks the original site. Ukrainians, Doukhobors, and others soon populated the region. The intermingling of diverse groups is the theme of the Yorkton branch of the Western Development Museum. A major local landmark is St. Mary's Ukrainian Catholic Church, famed for the religious paintings of Stephen Meush. The 21-m-wide dome glows with by the painter's depiction of the coronation of the Virgin Mary. Meush took two years (1939-41) to complete this impressive work. At Yorkon's Ravine Ecological Preserve, just off Broadway Street and Hwy 10, vis itors can follow a 2.5 km self-guiding trail through grassland and aspen forest.



CN Station House Museum Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church Ukrainian Heritage Museum


Pelly Point Natural Trail Woodland Natural Trail


National Doukhobor Heritage Village


Wadena Wildlife Wetlands Trails


Ravine Ecological Preserve St. Mary's Ukrainian

Catholic Church Western Development Museum

Map of Yorkton. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Yorkton city (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Map of Yorkton. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Yorkton city (Saskatchewan, Canada)