Map of Upper Laurentians. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Upper Laurentians with cities and towns

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Map of Upper Laurentians. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Upper Laurentians with cities and towns

Upper Laurentians


The Upper Laurentians cover over 15,000 km2 of the great outdoors, embracing dense maple groves, winding rivers, and charming villages. A real paradise for nature lovers, the region boasts over 4,500 lakes and rivers, three large reservoirs, and lush wildlife reserves where flora and fauna abound. In winter, visitors flock to the region for its unparalleled snowmobiling, dog sledding, and ice fishing. In summer, hop on a bicycle in Mont-Laurier, the regional capital, and tour the area by following the "P'tit Train du Nord" linear park that runs 200 km along old railway tracks down to Saint-Jerome in the Lower Laurentians. For a truly spectacular view, climb the 783 m Mont Sir Wilfrid Laurier (better known as Devil's Mountain, and the second-highest mountain in the Laurentians) for a look of the massive Baskatong Reservoir, a virtual inland sea.


Chute-Saint-Philippe [C4] For a small village, Chute-Saint-Philippe offers an extraordinary choice of sports and outdoor activities, including swimming, fishing, cross-country skiing, canoeing, snowmobiling, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, skating, and camping. It's also an ideal observation site for a substantial herd of white-tailed deer. The Gramp-Jalac Pisciculture offers great speckled char and rainbow trout fishing.


Lac-Nominingue [D5]

Nominingue is said to come from the Algonquin for "a land to which one must return." People come back to this sleepy town sandwiched between two dazzling lakes for the charms of village life. Visit the historic train station, the Sisters of Sainte-Croix Convent, or take a hike to the top of Bondy Mountain.


Mont-Laurier [C4]

A major snowmobile center and capital of the Upper Laurentians, Mont-Laurier was originally named Rapide-de-I'Orignal (Moose Rapids) from an old legend that said a moose was startled by the Riviere du Lievre falls and jumped 30 m over the river. Attractions in Mont-Laurier include a Benedictine monastery, horseback riding, canoeing, golfing, and the start of the P'tit Train du Nord Linear Park.


Papineau-Labelle Wildlife Reserve [D4-E4] Covering 1,628 km2 of territory and sporting 773 waterways, Papineau-Labelle's woods are home to diverse wildlife, including moose, white-tailed deer, wolf, and beaver. Depending on the season, you can hunt, fish, snowmobile, or go skiing. Cottages, cabins, and campgrounds are open to the public.

Saint-Donat [D7] Nicknamed the "Switzerland of the Laurentians" because of its high elevation, Saint-Donat has a long-established reputation as one of the best resort centers in the province. A stone's throw from Mont-Tremblant Park, its two vast lakes, Lac Ouareau and Lac Archambault, offer a full range of outdoor pastimes for every season.


Memories of Stone

The strikingly original works of Quebec sculptors Roger Langevin and Daniel Poulin draw on local techniques and materials, and their sculptures speak of their relationship to local history and people. Some of their works you can see in the Upper Laurentians include Grand 6 pieds (Six-foot Giant) in Lac-Saguay [C5]; Draveur (Log Driver) in Mont-Laurier [C4]; Lieu/Lien (Place-Link) in the train station in L'Annonciation [D5]; and Memoirc du temps (Remember the Past) in Lac-Nominingue [D5].

Teepee Village

Looking for an unusual and relaxing place to visit? The Bourgade Teepee Village at Lac-Saint-Paul [C4] specializes in overnight stays in traditional Sioux teepees, which measure 6.4 m in diameter. The Sioux believe their teepees release a special energy that's synonymous with tranquillity. Info: (819) 587-4355.

Riding the Rapids

The Upper Laurentians abound with bold river names like Riviere du Diable (Devil's River) and Riviere Rouge (Red River). The latter is famed among rafters for a stretch of rapids known as the "21-miles." For those looking for a more tranquil river journey, beginners can rent kayaks in Mont-Laurier on the shores of Riviere du Lievre, and canoe excursions are offered in Mont-Tremblant Park; for information, call 1-877-688-2289.


Map of Upper Laurentians. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Upper Laurentians with cities and towns