Map of Thunder Bay. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Thunder Bay area Northwestern Ontario

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Map of Thunder Bay area - Northwestern Ontario. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Thunder Bay area Northwestern Ontario

Northwestern Ontario


In the 17th century this was the land of the voyageur, the front line of the fierce competition between the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Company for furs and North American domination. Today northwestern Ontario is a land of lumber camps, mining, and wilderness, where deep violet amethyst hides in the rock and Finnish names dot the landscape. Each town is rich in character with many unusual larger-than-life attractions-"Husky the Muskie," murals in Nipigon, a full-scale replica of the famous Norseman bush plane, and the Sleeping Giant. Most inspiring of all is the statue of a true Canadian giant, Terry Fox, on the Courage Highway just outside Thunder Bay.


Fort Frances [D3] The "Fort" as it is locally known, this pulp-and-paper town is linked by bridge to International Falls, Minnesota, and is one of Canada's major tourist entry points. Fort Frances Museum exhibits early Native, fur-trading, and pioneer artifacts. Pithers Point Park contains the reconstructed Fort St. Pierre, and the 18-m-long Hallct, once the largest logging boat on Rainy Lake.


Kenora [C2] Kenora is holiday headquarters for the Lake of the Woods, a 573 km2 waterway with over 14,500 islands that offers excellent fishing, hunting, and camping. Downtown, 15 full-color Heritage Townscape murals have been painted by professional artists from across Canada. "Husky the Muskie," a 13-m-high statue of a fish, has become the town's symbol.


Nipigon [D7] Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Shield on the shore of the great Nipigon River that flows from Lake Nipigon to Lake Superior, Nipigon is a mecca for fishing enthusiasts. The world's largest recorded brook trout was caught in the Nipigon River, and many such world-class fishing opportunities await in the many lakes and rivers around town. Boats can be moored and launched at the Nipigon Marina. St. Sylvester Roman Catholic Church, the oldest in the Nipigon area, was built in 1877. Mass is still celebrated at this historic site. ©South of Nipigon, near Dorion, is the spectacular geological anomaly of the Ouimet Canyon, 150 m wide, 100 m deep, and 2.4 km long. The steep, angular gorge is so deep sections of its floor are in shadow so much that arctic flora flourish there. From the viewing platform you can look straight down into the gigantic fault.


Red Lake [A3] Originally a fur trade post, Red Lake could only be reached by air until 1947. The Norseman bush plane remains an important link for the community as many of the 50 seasonal wilderness resorts are accessible only by aircraft. Besides the museum, Red Lake has many excellent outdoor activities, including flyfishing and canoeing.


Thunder Bay [E6-E7] Also referred to as "The Lakehead" because of its position at the head of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay is the third-largest port in Canada, handling cargoes of prairie grain, iron ore, potash, and forestry products. Lumbering and mining first drew Finnish settlers here, and Thunder Bay has the largest Finnish population outside Finland. A fine Finnish meal and sauna can be found in town. Centennial Park offers superb views of the Sleeping Giant, an unusual formation of 300 m cliffs offshore that resembles a reclining figure. SAt Old Fort William, the magnificent inland headquarters of the Montreal-based North West Company, over 100 costumed interpreters in 42 buildings on a 10-hectare site give visitors an authentic glimpse of fur trade life circa 1815. Overnight stays are available.



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Lake of the Woods

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Red Lake Museum Norseman Heritage Park

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Old Fort William

Thunder Bay Historical Museum

Thunder Bay Military Museum Prince Arthur's Landing Centennial Park Sleeping Giant Provincial Park International Friendship Gardens Kakabeka Falls Amethyst Mine Panorama Canada Games Complex

Terry Fox Courage Highway and Monument Thunder Bay Art Gallery


Map of Thunder Bay area - Northwestern Ontario. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Thunder Bay area Northwestern Ontario