Map of Temiscamingue. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Temiscamingue with cities and towns

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Map of Temiscamingue. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Temiscamingue with cities and towns


Once the heart of Algonquin territory, Quebec's Temiscamingue ("Place of the deep waters") is a land of open spaces, numerous rivers, lakes, and streams, and diverse fauna and flora-all on the doorstep of Ontario's "Near North." The villages and towns here are historic reminders of the once-thriving fur trade and the lumber industry, and will appeal to the historically inclined, while those with an adventurous spirit will be delighted by the range of sports and outdoor activities available to them, thanks to the region's vast wilderness. Boaters will want to try traveling along the Temiskawa Waterway, nearly 500 km of new waterways that stretch from Lac Temiscamingue downstream as far as Arnprior, near Ottawa.

La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve [B5-7]

Embracing 13,615 km2 of land and boasting over 4,000 lakes, 40 animal species and 150 bird species, this wildlife reserve is one of the richest protected wilderness areas in Quebec. Services for wilderness camping, rock climbing, fishing, and cabin and boat rentals are provided from mid-May to mid-September.

Maniwaki [E8] Located at the confluence of the Desert and Gatineau rivers, Maniwaki is proud of its 150-year-long history of river driving and logging. The Pythonga, an old tugboat that once pulled over 400,000 logs, has been restored as a museum in the town center, and Chateau Logue (1887), whose Second Empire-style edifice was built out of hand-chiseled local granite, is now an interpretation center devoted to forestry and forest fire prevention. Don't miss the annual descent La Verendrye Wildlife Reserve of canoes and kayaks down the rapids during the Upper Gatineau Whitewater Festival in late August.

Mattawa, Ontario [E2]

Many missionaries, fur traders, and explorers, such as Champlain and Radisson, passed through Mattawa on their travels west. Derived from the Algonquin Mahtahwan, which means "meeting of the water," Mattawa was once an important voyageur town, fur-trading outpost, and later logging capital. Its past is remembered in several museums in town and in Voyageur Days celebrations held each July.

North Bay, Ontario

[E1] From the day the CPR chose to build railway yards on the shores of Lake Nipissing in 1882, North Bay has always been a transportation center. Today, North Bay is also a vacation area and treasure chest of historic sites and monuments, including the Dionne Homestead Museum, commemorating the lives of the famous Dionne Quintuplets, and the "Gateway to the North" arch, erected in 1928, to divide Southern and Northern Ontario.

Temiscaming [D2] This one-company paper town is a curious blend of well-preserved Arts and Crafts houses and British gardens, with many bronze and marble sculptures imported from Italy, and a Venetian well adorned with a statue of Neptune. A linear path on old railway lines is open to hikers, cyclists, or strollers, while the Timber Train is a daylong rail excursion into local logging history that links Temiscaming with Mattawa, Ontario.

Ville-Marie [B1] The hub of Temiscamingue and the oldest community in the region (the parish was founded by priests from an Oblate mission in 1886), Ville-Marie offers a living record of the old lumber industry and fur trade and some of the best scenery in the area. Upon your arrival, walk up Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes street to the Ville-Marie Grotto, site of an annual pilgrimage. The nearby trail will give you a chance to enjoy a picnic and get a good view of Lac Temiscamingue, which borders the city.



Chateau Logue

Pythonga Raftsman Park


Canadian Ecology Centre The Mattawa and District Museum Tembec's Sawmill Voyageur Heritage Museum Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park


Dionne Homestead

Museum Gateway Arch at Lee Park Jacques Cartier

Memorial Trinity Church Memorial Park Champlain Park Lake Nipissing Boat Cruises


Canadian Pacific Railroad Station and Museum Sainte-Therese Church The Timber Train


La grotte de Ville-Marie

(Ville-Marie Grotto) Maison du Colon (1881) Augustin-Chenier Exhibition Centre Town Hall Fort Temiscamingue National Historic Site Les Chocolats Martine (chocolate factory)


Map of Temiscamingue. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Temiscamingue with cities and towns