Map of Southern New Brunswick. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Southern New Brunswick with cities and towns

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Southern New Brunswick


In southern New Brunswick, it's hard not to be drawn to one of the marine wonders of the world, the Bay of Fundy, where tides can rise higher than a four-story building. Yet beyond the sea is a myriad of attractions and adventures. Unusual "flowerpot" rocks that tower 15 m above the low-tide line, romantic covered bridges, and Canada's chocolate capital are just a few of the treats that await those willing to explore. The "Three Saints," as they are known (Saint John, St. Andrews, and St. Stephen), are cities rich in history and steeped in nature's wonders. As you follow the mighty Saint John River upstream, a gateway into the past, keep your eyes peeled for Loyalist legacies: ornate churches and gingerbread-trimmed homes.


Fredericton [A3] New Brunswick's capital has been called "The City of Stately Elms," and its remarkable Victorian architecture and genteel, aristocratic air are like stepping back in time. The city has some 460 hectares of parkland, including Odell Park and The Green along the river. The 19th-century military compound is a reminder of Fredericton's strategic importance as a military stronghold. Slipstream, King's Landing is a living museum that takes visitors home to life more than a century ago, with fabulous feasting, theater-in-the-barn, and heritage livestock and crops.


The Fundy Isles [E2-3]

Ferries link Campobello, Grand Manan, and Deer islands to the mainland. On Campobello Island, you can visit U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's 34-room "summer cottage," Deer Island boasts the largest tidal whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere, the Old Sow whirlpool, and Grand Manan is the perfect place to indulge in some beachcombing, whale watching, or gathering dulse, the seaweed locals eat like potato chips.


Moncton [A7] Named for Lt. Col. Robert Monckton, the town's name was misspelled when it was incorporated and has remained that way ever since. First settled by Germans in 1766, Moncton has Acadian, Scots, Irish, and Mi'kmaq roots as well. The famous Tidal Bore enthralls visitors twice daily at high tide, when water from Shepody Bay surges up the Petit-codiac River.


St. Andrews [D2] This beautiful, old-style seaside resort town grew up around the historic Algonquin Hotel (1899), and has over 13 prized 18th-century buildings built by the Loyalists. St. Andrews is also an important center for marine research, and the Huntsman Marine Science Centre features an aquarium and museum open to the public.


Saint John [C4]

Canada's oldest incorporated city was founded almost overnight in 1785 by Loyalists from the Thirteen Colonies who fled the American Revolution. Today the city is an eclectic blend of past and present, art and industry, culture and commerce. Don't miss Barbour's General Store, an emporium stocked with goods as they would be sold in the 1860s, or the Old City Market, built in 1785 by shipbuilders, with a roof that resembles an inverted ship's hull.


St. Stephen [D2] A major border crossing with the United States, St. Stephen is a mecca for chocoholics. Ganong's, inventors of the chocolate bar, have a popular shop in town, and offer factory tours during Chocolate Fest in summer.


Sussex [B5] In the heart of dairy country, this agricultural town has a museum preserving farm history and a vintage railway station. There are more than a dozen covered bridges (sometimes called kissing bridges) in the area to explore.




Loyalist House Fort Howe New Brunswick Museum Old City Market Partridge Island National Historic Site Barbour's General Store Market Square Telephone Pioneer's Museum Reversing Falls Prince William Walk



City Hall, Queen Street (506) 492-9500





Christ Church Cathedral Beaverbrook Art Gallery

Military Compound (Guard House, Officer's Quarters, and Soldiers'

Barracks) Boyce Farmers' Market Government House National Historic Site Odell Park The Green King's Landing Historical Settlement



Tourist Information Centre, Market Square (506) 658-2855



Map of Southern New Brunswick. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Southern New Brunswick with cities and towns

Map of Southern New Brunswick. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Southern New Brunswick with cities and towns