Map of Sorel. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Sorel with cities and towns

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Map of Sorel. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Sorel with cities and towns


Lanaudiere's residents, the Lanaudois, proudly call , their home La region ve/te-Land of the Green. Indeed, the region is a vibrant study in green: it can be seen in the roaming countryside, city parks, the grassy shores of the St. Lawrence River, the lush Berthier Islands, the greenish-yellow tobacco fields, and in the rolling hills of evergreen spruce trees. You can uncover Lanaudiere's history in the many native sites, seigneuries, manors, churches, and beautiful stone homes along the "Chemin du Roi" (King's Way)-the first working carriageway in Canada, inaugurated in 1737. Now Highway 138, the King's Way stretches between Berthierville and Trois-Rivieres, in the southern reaches of the Mauricie region. As you follow this winding road along the north shore of the St. Lawrence, listen for the strains of the traditional Quebecois folk tune "Sur la route de Berthier" (On the Road to Berthier).

Berthierville [D4]

Home to the oldest Protestant church in Quebec, Chapelle des Cuthbert (built in 1786 by James Cuthbert), Berthierville is also a required pit stop for auto-racing enthusiasts. At the Gilles-Villeneuve Museum, you can relive Gilles and Jacques Villeneuve's wins and losses, as well as view racing cars, movies, and interactive exhibits.

Joliette [E2] In summer, classical musicians and connoisseurs alike come to Joliette for the Festival international de Lanaudiere, the largest outdoor classical music festival in Canada. The Musee d'art de Joliette houses a sterling collection of contemporary art from Quebec as well as a unique collection of medieval and religious art.

Nicolet [B8-C8] Many religious congregations settled in Nicolet and left their mark through the fine architecture of their churches. Other heritage buildings worth a visit are the Police Institute (formerly the Nicolet Seminary, founded in 1803) and the home of Rodolphe Duguay, Canada's early-20th-century master of engraving.

Odanak [D6] In the early 17th century, the Native Abenaki settled along the banks of the St. Francois River, and named their village Odenak, which means "at home." The Abenaki Museum provides insight into Abenaki culture, through dance, song, and legends. Annual Abenaki festivities are held in Odanak on the first Sunday in July.

Rawdon [E1]

Picturesque Rawdon boasts the spectacular Dorwin Falls Park, where a 2.5 km ecological trail runs along the gorge of the Ouareau River. In summer, an entertaining Theatre-in-the-Park presentation depicts the regional legend of Algonquin sorcerer Nipissingue and how he created the falls.

Sorel [E5] Located at the confluence of the Richelieu and St. Lawrence rivers, Sorel is a key port favored by marine buffs. The Governor's Manor was built in 1781 for Baron Friederick von Riedesel, who was the first to decorate a Christmas tree in Canada that same year. Also of architectural interest are Saint-Pierre's Church and the opulent mansions of the Old Quarter. Sorel's ferry is in operation year-round for boat cruises or a ferry ride to the lovely Sorel Islands.

Trois-Rivieres [A8]

Named after the three channels that form the mouth of the St. Maurice River, Trois-Rivieres first established itself as a fur-trading post and was the site of Canada's first iron foundry, the Forges du Saint-Maurice (1730), before emerging as a major port. The best way to see Trois-Rivieres's rich past is on foot, whether on the signposted Heritage Circuit or the Poetry Promenade, featuring 300 plaques bearing excerpts from famous love poems.



Chapelle des Cuthbert Gilles-Villeneuve Museum


Musee d'art de Joliette Maison Antoine-Lacombe


Nieolet Cathedral Museum of Religions

Des Sceurs de I'Assomption Museum Rodolphe-Duguay Manor Boise du Seminaire Park Police Institute


Abenaki Museum


Dorwin Falls Park Canadiana Village


Governor's Manor Saint-Pierre's Church

Chalifoux Dairy Governor's Art Gallery Sorel Islands Boat Cruises


Heritage Circuit Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site Champlain Park City Hall The Culture House Poetry Promenade


Map of Sorel. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Sorel with cities and towns