Map of Saskatoon area. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Saskatoon area (Valleys of the Saskatchewan)

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Map of Saskatoon area. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Saskatoon area (Valleys of the Saskatchewan)

Valleys of the Saskatchewan


The North and South Saskatchewan rivers run parallel to each other between Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Only a 40-km-wide wedge of agricultural parkland separates the rivers. This peaceful scene was the setting in which the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 began. The Metis and the Indians, fearful for their rights and livelihoods, followed their leader Louis Riel in a fight for independence. Throughout this region, battle sites are now memorials to the ill-fated '85 uprising. Batoche is usually the first stop on any journey for travelers seeking to learn more about this episode in Canadian history.


Batoche National Historic Site [A2] At the end of the four-day Battle of Batoche (May 12, 1885), 900 Canadian soldiers under Maj. Gen. Frederick Middleton overwhelmed 300 Metis and Indians. The defeat effectively ended Louis Riel's dream of a separate Indian-Metis nation on the Canadian prairies. Today, Batoche is a 182-hectare national historic site. The visitor reception area gives an overview to the life of the Metis, and the outcome of the Batoche defeat. An exhibit hall displays items pertaining to the Metis and the Canadian forces. Staff in Metis costume lead visitors on tours of the battlefield, where trenches and rifle pits are visible. Other site features include the mission of St. Antoine de Padoue and the nearby rectory, still scarred by bullet holes received during the battle. Visitors can reach Batoche Village— the 1885 Metis "capital"—by taking a ferry across the South Saskatchewan River.


Duck Lake [A2] A cairn west of this community marks the site of the Battle of Duck Lake, in which Metis Indians repulsed the North West Mounted Police on March 26, 1885. The Regional Interpretive Centre highlights the contributions of the Indians, Metis, and early settlers to Duck Lake's history. The center also contains a collection of pioneer items, a theater, a tower with a viewing platform, and a sculpture court. Ten murals on various buildings throughout Duck Lake depict major events in the region's past. The jail that once held Almighty Voice is located beside the mural dedicated to his memory. Щ North of Duck Lake, the St. Laurent Shrine, built in 1874 and dedicated to Our Lady of Lourdes, is the destination of a pilgrimage held twice every year.


Humboldt [D5] Named for 19th-century German explorer and scientist Alexander Humboldt, this community is "the mustard capital of the world" and a little bit of Germany on the prairies. It boasts half-timbered buildings in the German style and a wi I кот men center for visitors. The museum and gallery has displays depicting 1885-1970 lifestyles.


Melfort [A7] Agriculture is Melfort's economic mainstay. Visitors can find out about crop production at the local Agriculture Canada Research Station. Antique lovers may find old-time treasures at Market Place. Melfort is dubbed "City of the Northern Lights" for the spectacle that brightens its night sky virtually year-round.


Muenster [D5] Built in 1910 by Benedictine monks, St. Peter's Cathedral displays 80 life-size portraits of saints, the work of famous Saskatchewan artist Count Berthold von Imhoff. Just across the road, St. Peter's Benedictine Abbey welcomes visitors, who can explore its spacious grounds.


Rosthern [B2] Six kilometers east of Rosthern, Maple Grove Farm was once home to Seager Wheeler (1869-1961), creator of new strains of wheat and other crops. The farm, now a national historic site, preserves its original character, as well as remnants of the plots where Wheeler carried out his seed experiments.




Batoche Village St. Antoine de Padoue



Duck Lake Regional Interpretive Centre Fort Carlton Provincial Park St. Laurent Shrine



Humboldt and District Museum



Kinistino District Pioneer Museum



Agriculture Canada Research Station Melfort and District Museum



St. Peter's Benedictine

Abbey St. Peter's Cathedral



Mennonite Heritage Museum Seager Wheeler Maple Grove Farm National Historic Site



Wakaw Heritage Museum John Diefenbaker's Law Office (replica)


Map of Saskatoon area. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Saskatoon area (Valleys of the Saskatchewan)