Map of Sarnia and the Lower Bluewater. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Sarnia area and the Lower Bluewater with cities and towns

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Map of Sarnia and the Lower Bluewater. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Sarnia area and the Lower Bluewater with cities and towns

Sarnia and the Lower Bluewater


The discovery of oil in 1858 led to the development of the oil industry in Lambton County. Imperial Oil's refinery at Sarnia and the needs of a wartime economy in the 1940s led to the establishment of petrochemical plants. As more and more big chemical companies like Standard, Imperial, Shell, and DuPont set up shop, the area became known as Chemical Valley. Today, agriculture, a diversified manufacturing base, and tourism have all tempered Sarnia's industrial image. Tourists come for the eclectic parks along the St. Clair Recreational Corridor, or for the scenic drive along Lakeshore Road from Sarnia to Ipperwash Beach, with its stunning view of Lake Huron's Lower Bluewater.


Arkona [B6] The village of Arkona is surrounded by orchards, and at blossom time in May, local farms offer orchard tours. Nearby Rock Glen Conservation Area features Devonian era fossil beds and a 10 m waterfall. The Arkona Lions' Museum houses fossils dating back 395 million years as well as many First Nations artifacts including stone knives, spear and arrow points.


Kettle Point [A5] Kettle Point derives its name from a large outcrop of concretions (hard, calcium carbonate rock embedded in softer shale) along Lake Huron. The concretions, from 30 cm to 1.5 m in diameter, are referred to as "kettles" because of their resemblance to the bottom of a round cooking pot. Nearby Ipperwash Beach has kilometers of white-sand beach, shallow shores perfect for swimming, and picnic areas among the trees and the dunes.


Oil Springs [E4] This quiet hamlet is the birthplace of North America's oil and petroleum industry. Back in 1858, when a second drilled well provided 9,540 liters of oil a day, the world took notice and it was a "black gold" rush as prospectors and oil barons arrived from far and wide. Just south of town, the Oil Museum of Canada is on the site of the first commercial well. The museum contains drilling equipment from the 1800s to the present day with outside displays featuring an 1889 railway station and the 1895 Langbank Post Office.


Petrolia [D4] Canada's Victorian Oil Town, Petrolia was the major supplier of crude oil and petroleum products for Canada in the late 1800s. The town's prosperity is seen in the magnificent period architecture of its mansions and public buildings, such as the Petrolia Library and the restored Victoria Hall, now the Victoria Playhouse. The Petrolia Discovery Centre is a Fishing on the St. Clair River living museum and educational exhibit, with oil wells that are pumped as they would have been a hundred years ago.


Sarnia [C2] Across the twin Bluewater Bridges, Sarnia provides a striking entrance to Ontario from Michigan. Situated at the mouth of the St. Clair River at the south end of Lake Huron, the chemical and oil center features 6.5 km of waterfront parks and is the beginning of the St. Clair Parkway recreational corridor, a treasure chest of 19 free parks, offering flower gardens, children's animal farms, and harness racing. SI Discovery House Museum is a restored 1890 Victorian home featuring model ships, a must-see model railroad, and hands-on displays that allow you to step back in time.


Strathroy [C8] Located on the Sydenham River, Strathroy maintains a beautiful 80-hectare parks system. The W. H. Murray House, built by a leading businessman in 1871, is now the Strathroy Middlesex Museum and contains three period rooms-parlor, dining room, and bedroom. The museum also houses treasures of county pioneers, including a flatbed printing press.




Rock Glen Conservation Area Arkona Lions' Museum


Oil Museum of Canada


Victoria Playhouse

Petrolia Library

Petrolia Discovery Centre


Discovery House Museum Imperial Oil Centre for the Performing Arts Gallery Lambton Canatara Park Centennial Park Point Edward Waterfront Park Bluewater Fun Park Hiawatha Horse Park


Strathroy Middlesex

Museum Strathroy

Wetlands Park


Map of Sarnia and the Lower Bluewater. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Sarnia area and the Lower Bluewater with cities and towns