Road map of Peace River & Northern Alberta. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Peace River & Northern Alberta

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Road map of Peace River & Northern Alberta. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Peace River & Northern Alberta

Northern Alberta

Alberta's north is a vast boreal hinterland pockmarked with geological oddities like sinkholes and salt plains, where small communities hug the shores of rivers or lakes amid a flat alluvial forest so immense it can only be appreciated by flying over or driving through it. Bison still roam free here; Wood Buffalo National Park was established in 1922 to protect the last remaining herd. Wilderness lodges offer everything from fishing to gold panning and fossil hunting. When the long summer evenings do finally end, the otherworldly beauty of the northern lights reveal magical streaks of color overhead.

Fort Nelson, B.C. [B2]

Named after Admiral Nelson in 1805, this onetime fur-trading town was a quiet outpost until the building of the Alaska Highway, which serves as Fort Nelson's main street. The Fort Nelson Heritage Museum has exhibits on how the Alaska Highway was built, the original 1865 Hudson's Bay Store, as well as artifacts and vintage cars.

Fort Smith, Northwest Territories [A8] Just north of the Alberta border, Fort Smith is the gateway to Wood Buffalo National Park. Sights in town include the Northern Life Museum, showcasing dinosaur bones, mammoth tusks, fur-trade artifacts, Inuit carvings, and pioneer equipment; and the Slave River Lookout, from which you can watch pelicans fish the river. Putters can try their hand at Fort Smith Golf Course, Canada's northernmost golf course.

Fort St. John, B.C. [E3] Founded in 1794 as a fur-trading outpost shortly after explorer Alexander Mackenzie arrived, Fort St. John is both the oldest native and non-native settlement in British Columbia. Archaeological evidence suggests Paleo Indians occupied the area around Charlie Lake more than 10,000 years ago. At the Fort St. John-North Peace Museum, close to 6,000 artifacts cover city history from fur-trade post to oil town. A 42 m oil derrick near the museum is a monument to the petroleum industry.

High Level [C6] The last crossroads before the Northwest Territories border, the timber center of High Level is home to the Mackenzie Crossroads Museum, which pays tribute to the Mackenzie Highway and tells the resource-rich story of northern Alberta.

Wood Buffalo National Park [A8-B8] Canada's largest (44,900 km2) national park also has the largest remaining herd (2,500) of free-roaming bison. Two major rivers, the Peace and the Athabasca, meander slowly through the boreal forests and drain into Lake Claire, forming one of the world's largest inland freshwater deltas. This labyrinthine and flora-rich mix of lakes, meadows, and wetlands attract not only bison but waterfowl from all four North American migratory flyways. 61 Two of Wood Buffalo's unique natural attractions worth seeing are salt plains and sinkholes. The former are salt mounds up to 20 m across formed by crisscrossing saline streams, and can be seen at the Salt Plains Viewpoint and trail, less than 50 km west of Fort Smith off Hwy 5. A large sinkhole with interpretive exhibit and picnic area is located near the Angus Fire Tower, but smaller sinkholes can be seen closer along the Karstland Interpretive Trail on Pine Lake Road.

61 On the shore of Lake Athabasca, Fort Chipe-wyan is Alberta's oldest settlement. Floatplanes, canoes, and motorboats run from here to Sweetgrass Landing, in the middle of the park's vast deltaic meadows, providing a wonderful camping trip for experienced backcountry users interested in seeing bison. The park operates visitor centers in both Fort Chipewyan and Fort Smith.



Fort Nelson Heritage Museum Fort Nelson-Liard Native Friendship Centre


Northern Life Museum

Slave River Lookout Fort Smith Golf Course


Fort St. John-North Peace Museum


Mackenzie Crossroads Museum


Fort Smith Visitors Centre Fort Chipewyan Visitors Centre Salt Plains Viewpoint Angus Fire Tower Sweetgrass Landing Peace Point


Road map of Peace River & Northern Alberta. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Peace River & Northern Alberta