Map of Oyen & East-Central Alberta. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Oyen & East-Central Alberta

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Map of Oyen & East-Central Alberta. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Oyen & East-Central Alberta

East-Central Alberta


Small farming communities thrive in bucolic splendor in this corner of Alberta near the Saskatchewan border. Here meandering creeks follow quiet back roads, and small towns have a quiet pace of life. In an area where traditional wooden grain elevators once prevailed, these prairie sentinels are now either torn down or used as museums and, in one case, as a teahouse. Sharp-eyed visitors can look out over the undulating grasses and watch for pronghorn antelope that roam this area freely or flocks of waterfowl on the major flyway overhead. The diverse wildlife here offers good hunting and fishing, while those who seek curios, crafts, or a timeless cup of tea will not be disappointed.


Acadia Valley [D5] The Prairie Elevator Museum displays many different wheat samples and old tools. Visitors can also tour a former Alberta Wheat Pool Elevator to learn how grain was delivered, stored, and shipped from the Prairies. Afterward, visitors may enjoy a cup of tea in the adjoining Tea House or explore the restored caboose. Anglers may want to fish for rainbow trout at the municipal dam.


Cereal [C3] Visitors may pick up a free box of breakfast cereal at the Prairie Pioneer Museum. The museum is located in the CNR Station. In addition to the station agent's living quarters, the museum includes a hospital room, ticket office, and freight shed.


Eatonia, Sask. [D7] For an elegant cup of tea, visit Dr. Lord's Timeless Treasures Crafts and Tea House. This 1920 pioneer doctor's home houses a charming Victorian tearoom and gift shop selling handcrafted items by local artisans. Gardens are open in season.



Named after Robert Kindersley, a major Canadian National Railway stockholder when the town was formed in 1907, Kind-ersley's early days were tied to the fortunes of the railway. Today the town is a dynamic service center best known for goose hunting in autumn and as a major provincial baseball hub: Berard Field is a semi-pro ball diamond home to regional, provincial, and national tournaments. Kindersley and District Plains Museum features early native and pioneer artifacts. The land around Kindersley also has some of the richest wheat-producing soil in western Canada. Ш Forty-two kilometers south of town, a restored Legion Hall from 1910 and adjacent church are filled with original artwork, prints, and art cards of North American artists.


Oyen [C4] At the north end of Main Street, a large pronghorn antelope replica stands in Friendship Park. In the Crossroads Museum, the main building displays district antiques. Other features include a refurnished prairie home, cook car, blacksmith shop, and pioneer machinery.


Smiley, Sask. [B7] Just 2 km west of this small Saskatchewan town lies the Great Wall of Saskatchewan. This unique monument began in 1963 when Albert Johnson started picking stones off his farmland. He piled them neatly along the road, placing shaped stones on the exterior wall to prevent collapse and using small stones to fill in the interior, without using mortar or cement. Eventually, Johnson ended up with a stone wall almost a kilometer long, ranging in height from 2 to 3.5 m, that would be visited by people from all over the world.


Youngstown [B2] This town is popular with local hunters; wildlife such as mule deer, antelope, and Canada geese abundantly populate the area. Fishing is also popular and the catches large at Blood Indian Dam, located in Blood Indian Park, 27 km to the south. Youngstown also holds The Big Stone Pro Rodeo every May.




Prairie Elevator Museum



Prairie Pioneer Museum



Dr. Lord's Timeless Treasures Crafts and Tea House



Kindersley and District Plains Museum Berard Field Kindersley Bowl-A-Drome



Crossroads Museum Friendship Park



Great Wall of Saskatchewan



Blood Indian Park


Map of Oyen & East-Central Alberta. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Oyen & East-Central Alberta