Map of Northern Quebec. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Northern Quebec with cities and towns

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Map of Northern Quebec. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Northern Quebec with cities and towns

Northern Quebec

From the northern shores of Lac Saint-Jean upstream along the 178 km Ashuapmushuan to Chibougamau, Northern Quebec is an immense, pristine wilderness that was first tamed by the Innu, then later by trappers, miners, and loggers. Nowadays you'll find a variety of tourist attractions, from stargazing to auto racing, horseback riding to mining. In addition there are resort areas, charming picnic and fishing spots, and ideal settings for all types of winter and water sports. Be sure to pick some blueberries, which can be found in abundance in the region. A 256 km cycling trail circling Lac Saint-Jean, La Veloroute des Bleuets, is even named after the little blue fruit.

Ashuapmushuan Wildlife Reserve [C5-6]

Stretching 4,487 km2 between Chibougamau and Lac Saint-Jean, this reserve was once crisscrossed by the Innu in search of furs. Today, interpretive guides are available to take you along their trading routes, either in a passenger-canoe or on a wilderness camping expedition. Small-game hunting, fishing for walleye and speckled trout, camping, hiking, and river rafting in rabaska canoes are popular activities in this park, and cottages and boats are available for rental. The reserve is open from May to September.

Chibougamau [A4] Once part of a vast seaway for the fur trade linking James Bay with Lac Saint-Jean, Chibougamau (its name means "Meeting Place") is the largest community in Northern Quebec. The discovery of a gold-bearing quartz lode in 1903 brought mining interest to the area, and Chibougamau was eventually founded as a mining village in 1952. The Chibougamau Mining Centre affords a chance to don a miner's suit and journey deep into the old Bruneau mine, which operated in the 1960s mainly for copper, gold, and silver. OThe Cree Native Centre offers services to Natives in Chibougamau and neighboring communities, and a boutique featuring jewelry, clothing, and souvenirs made by local Cree artisans.


[D8] With the choicest selection of restaurants, lodging, and festivals in the northern Lac-Saint-Jean area, Dolbeau-Mistassini is a perfect vacation spot for couples and families. The twin towns sport 7 km of beautiful sandy municipal beaches between them. In July, you can enjoy 10 days of country music, daily activities, and western shows at the annual Les 10 Jours Western Festival. In August, the Blueberry Festival highlights one of Dolbeau's most prized crops.

Roberval [E8] In 1955, Quebec swimmer Jacques Amyot swam 32 km across Lac Saint-Jean from Peribonka to Roberval, inaugurating the Lac Saint-Jean International Swimming Marathon, an event that now draws swimmers from a dozen countries every May. On the shore of Lac Saint-Jean, Roberval boasts many fine boutiques, where you can even try a pottery workshop. In February, don't miss the annual Snowmobile Speed Race on the frozen lake.

Saint-Felicien [D8]

Saint-Felicien welcomed its first settlers in 1865, five years before a great forest fire destroyed everything in its path as far south as Jonquiere. Today, Saint-Felicien is known for its zoo (where animals roam the countryside freely and visitors tour the zoo in a small enclosed train), its car racetrack and museum, and an abundance of blueberries that grow in the area. Allow some time to stop at the scenic observation site Chutes-a-Michel on the roaring Ashuapmushuan River. For a truly spectacular aerial view of Lac Saint-Jean, take a seaplane ride.



Chibougamau Mining Centre Gilman Lake Hiking Trails Fleury Mill (1932) Cree Native Centre


Dolbeau-Mistassini Beach and Marina Centre Astro de Dolbeau-Mistassini (observatory and planetarium) La bleuetiere touristique (blueberry picking) Centre Equestre Dolbeau (horseback riding) Pointe-aux-Peres Park La Magie du Sous-Bois (ecological center)


Centre historique et aquatique de Roberval (interpretation center) Veloroute des Bleuets (cycling trail) Mont-Plaisant Campgrounds La Tournee (boat cruises) Marina


Chutes-a-Michel Zoo Sauvage Saint-Felicien Autodrome Saint-Felicien (racetrack)

Musee de I'Auto (car museum) Saint-Felicien Seaplane Rides


Map of Northern Quebec. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Northern Quebec with cities and towns