Map of Northern New Brunswick. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Northern New Brunswick with cities and towns

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Northern New Brunswick


To enter northern New Brunswick is to enter the heart of Brayonne country, known locally as the Republic of Madawaska. It was here that lumbermen on both sides of the Saint John River fought over a tract of timber-rich land in what became known as the "Pork and Beans War" (named after the lumberman's favored meal). The conflict was resolved in 1842 after the signing of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty. But five years of skirmishes between the Americans and Canadians had created a concept of an independent Madawaska. Brayons are a lesser-known part of the rich cultural mix in this region, bounded by the Saint John River to the west and the Acadian settlements of the North Atlantic coast to the east, and riven by the Miramichi, one of the world's great salmon rivers. The Mi'kmaq missionaries, British royals, American millionaires, Irish, Danes, Scots, and Germans have all left their mark here.


Bathurst [A5] Situated at the mouth of the Nepisiguit River (Mi'kmaq for "tumultuous river"), Bathurst was a pulp-and-paper town before it developed as a mining center in the 1950s. Bathurst is also a particularly fine spot for bird enthusiasts. The Daly Point Reserve has several trails through the woods and by the salt marsh, as well as an observation tower. В North of the town in Petit-Rocher is the New Brunswick Mining and Mineral Interpretation Centre, which features exhibits on the local zinc-mining industry.


Bouctouche [E7] Listed as one of Harrowsmith's "Prettiest Towns in Canada," Bouctouche is a charming Acadian fishing village marked by warm beaches and excellent lobster and oyster fishing. The birth-place of Acadian novelist Antonine Maillet, Bouctouche also offers Le Pays de la Sagouine, a mainland and island park that re-creates life in an Acadian village in the early 1900s, dedicated to La Sagouine, Maillet's 1970 novel. The Irving Eco-Centre has an interpretation center devoted to the understanding of endangered dune ecosystems.


Chatham and Newcastle [C5] The towns and villages along the Miramichi are like a glittering necklace of pearls, cultured and rich in history. Newcastle is home to Canada's oldest fish hatchery and the boyhood home of press baron Lord Beaverbrook (1879-1964). His former home is open to the public. Chatham is steeped in history of the Cunard shipping dynasty of the late 1800s. The Miramichi Natural History Museum documents its past.


Grand Falls [C1]

Here, the Saint John River drops 23 m through one of the largest cataracts east of Niagara Falls. The Malecite Native tribe called the falls Chik-un-il-pe, or "the Destroying Giant." The 1.5-km-long Grand Falls Gorge can be explored from walking trails, breathtaking lookouts, and boat tours.


Hartland [E1] In the heartland of New Brunswick's potato country, Hartland is famous for the world's longest covered bridge, officially opened in 1901 and spanning 390 m across the Saint John River. The seven-span truss bridge became a national historic site in 1980, and features a park and interpretive center. Legend has it that dreams come true for those who cross the bridge without exhaling.


Shediac [E7] Shediac calls itself the "Lobster Capital of the World," with an annual lobster festival in July and a giant 14 m crustacean statue at the Visitor Centre. For more than a century, tourists have flocked to the town's beaches, whose waters are the warmest north of the Carolinas. Parlee Beach attracts more than a million visitors each year.


Shippagan [A7]

Shippagan is a backbone of marine and aquacul-ture research. Boating excursions and the Shippagan Aquarium and Marine Centre introduce 125 marine species found in the area, lie Lameque boasts ancient peat bogs and a festival honoring pioneers of the peat-moss industry.



Daly Point Reserve



Le Pays de la Sagouine Irving Eco-Centre La Dune de Bouetouche



Miramichi Natural History Museum

St. Michael's Historical Museum W.S. Loggie House and Cultural Centre



Hartland Covered Bridge



Beaverbrook House The Enclosure Park



Parlee Beach Pointe du Chene Shediac Island Nature Park Pascal Poirier House (1835)



Shippagan Aquarium and Marine Centre lie Lameque Л/ilderness beaches and deep-sea fishing on Miscou Island

Map of Northern New Brunswick. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Northern New Brunswick with cities and towns

Map of Northern New Brunswick. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Northern New Brunswick with cities and towns