Map of London and St. Thomas. Detailed map of the highway and roads of London and St. Thomas with cities and towns

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Map of London and St. Thomas. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of London and St. Thomas with cities and towns

London and St. Thomas


Col. John Graves Simcoe chose London as the capital of Upper Canada in 1792, and while it never achieved that lofty status, it did go on to become the focal point for commerce, industry, higher education, and entertainment for western Ontario. Nearby St. Thomas was a large RAF military training base during World War II, and the enlisted personnel were delighted to discover the waterfront recreation areas scattered along Lake Erie's north shore, notably Port Stanley. The Port Stanley Terminal Railway was the way to St. Thomas; over 1.4 million riders took the train in 1943 alone. Today these small waterfront villages retain their get-away-from-it-all charm, each worth a visit whether touring by car or cruising by boat.


Aylmer [C7] Many European nationalities are represented in the immediate area around Aylmer, including two distinct Mennonite cultures. Every March the Aylmer Ponds Wildlife Area just north of town is the first resting place for 60,000 tundra swans. Viewing stands overlook the spectacular sight on the wetland area.

London [A5] Nicknamed the "Forest City," London has more than 50,000 trees on city property and over 600 hectares of parks. Two must-see London attractions are Storybook Gardens and the London Museum of Archaeology. The former is a children's theme park on the Thames River that includes a castle, a zoo, storybook characters, and outstanding floral displays appealing to children of all ages. The latter traces the 11,000-year history of southwestern Ontario, houses more than 40,000 Native artifacts, and features a partial reconstruction of a 500-year-old village on its original site with an ongoing archaeological dig.

Mount Brydges [A3]

Longwoods Road Conservation Area and Ska-Nah-Doht Iroquoian Museum cover 63 hectares near Mount Brydges. The museum features a village that illustrates life as it was 1,000 years ago. A resource center, conservation k   displays, woodland trails and picnic facilities are open all year.

Port Burwell [D8] Its distinctive 1840 wooden lighthouse is the symbol of Port Burwell and centerpiece of much activity. Across the street from the lighthouse the Port Burwell Marine Museum, noted for its lighthouse lenses, ship replicas, and marine artifacts, also recalls local history. A good farmers market is held across from the lighthouse on Saturdays in summer.

Port Stanley [D5]

Nestled on the largest natural harbor on Erie's north coast, the diverse little village of Port Stanley has been attracting tourists for over 125 years. For beach lovers there are Little Beach (a quiet, family-oriented spot at the end of Main Street) and Main Beach (a bustling summer playground with plenty of activity). An entertaining hour-long ride to St. Thomas and back, through scenic Kettle Creek valley, can be had on the 140-year-old Port Stanley Terminal Railway that runs on Sunday afternoons year-round.

St. Thomas [C5-C6]

St. Thomas got its start in 1810, a decade and a half before neighboring London, which has since eclipsed it. However, its many fine examples of Victorian architecture attest to its vibrant manufacturing and railway history. At the west end of the city stands its greatest tourist attraction: a life-size statue of Jumbo the Elephant, the largest elephant ever in captivity and star of the Barnum and Bailey circus until he was killed in 1885 in a freak railway accident.


Aylmer Museum Aylmer Ponds Wildlife Area


Storybook Gardens Springbank Park Royal Canadian Regiment Museum The Old Courthouse

Building The Grand Theatre Guy Lombardo Museum London Museum ofArchaeology Fanshawe Pioneer Village London Princess Boat Cruises


Ska-Nah-Doht Iroquoian Museum


Port Burwell Marine Museum Trinity Anglican Church Port Burwell Provincial Park Sand Hills


Port Stanley Terminal Railway King George V Bridge Main Beach Little Beach Port Stanley Festival Theatre Kettle Creek Clothing Company Harbour House The Kettle Creek Inn


Elgin Railway Museum Elgin Pioneer and Military Museum Jumbo Statue St. Thomas Church (1824) The Guildhouse Building


Map of London and St. Thomas. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of London and St. Thomas with cities and towns