Map of Lac Megantic. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Lac Megantic with cities and towns

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Map of Lac Megantic. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Lac Megantic with cities and towns

Lac Megantic

Cradled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, where summits can reach over 1,000 m high, the Lac Megantic region is marked by majestic scenery and bejeweled with dazzling lakes such as Aylmer, Megantic, Drolet, and du Portage. Settled by the Scottish and French Canadians, the area's roots can be seen in its fine architecture, the names of its charming villages, and its friendly citizens. The region's charms are not limited to any one season: cycle, hike, or go birding in autumn on one of many trails; snowmobile or ski in the Appalachians during winter; go antiquing in spring; and come summer, play a round of golf, picnic in one of the region's beautiful parks, or participate in the "Grand Tour du Lac Megantic"-a locally famous 52 km family cycling event around the lake.

Beaulac [A1] An enchanting village located on the shores of Lac Aylmer, Beaulac is a delightful place for fishing, hiking, windsurfing, or for enjoying a picnic at one of the rest areas along the lake. courcelles [A3] A village not to be missed by history buffs. Bleuets River Heritage Park includes the Old Station Park and its Expo-Train, as well as a walkway with wonderful views of the river and the wooden dam.

Frontenac Park [A2-B2] The network of trails in this large, wildlife-abundant park covers 32 km and is well-suited for the entire family. The trails are all on gentle terrain but offer loops of various lengths and levels of hiking difficulty. For example, the Tourbiere Trail has a raised walkway accessible by wheelchair and stroller.

Lac-Drolet [C4] A picturesque resort center situated between Mont Sainte-Cecile and Mont Saint-Sebastien, Lac-Drolet draws water sport enthusiasts in the summer and snowmobilers in winter. Be sure to visit the Granit House, in an old quarry perched on 640 m Mont Saint-Sebastien. There you will find fascinating exhibits and multimedia shows demonstrating past and present granite-working techniques.

Lac-Megantic [D4]

Founded in 1885 by Scottish settlers, Lac-Megantic affords escape in every season. In the fall, vibrant colors create a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor activities. In winter, the town is known for snowmobil-ing, cross-country skiing, and ice-fishing. In summer, take a stroll through Veteran's Park along the lake, or try out your luck with rod and reel: 17 km long and 2 km across, Lac Megantic is a trout fisherman's dream come true.

ID On the western side of the lake you'll find Piopolis, a small village founded in 1880 by Papal Zouaves, guards of Pope Pie IX (1846-78).

Lambton [A3] "Lambton, for the joy of living" is the slogan that will welcome you as you enter this 150-year-old village. Notice the old house at the north entrance, it contains "L'antiquaire du canton," a rustic antique store, and the church built between 1906 and 1907 according to plans by Quebec architect Georges-Emile Tanguay.

Parc du mont-megantic

[E2] A massif of eight impressive summits, Mont Megantic is a haven for hikers and bird-watchers, with over 70 km of marked trails. Stargazers will want to visit the astronomy interpretation center and its mountaintop observatory (ASTROLab).

Stratford [Bl] Named for Stratford-upon-Avon in England, the birthplace of Shakespeare, this small town provides a lovely setting for fishing, boating, or windsurfing. Don't miss The Nature Pavilion, showcasing animals native to North America.



Lac Aylmer Beaulac Marina Hiking Trail and Lookout Point


Bleuets River Heritage Park Old Bernier Mill


The Granit House Mont Sainte-Cecile Mont Saint-Sebastien


Veteran's Park Baie-des-Sables Vacation Resort Sainte-Agnes Church


L'antiquaire du canton

Antique Shoppe Old Lambton Church




Piopolis Marina L'axe au sommet Cycling Trail


The Nature Pavilion Aylmer Lake Elgin Lake Maskinonge Lake


Map of Lac Megantic. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Lac Megantic with cities and towns