Map of Kincardine & Walkerton. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Kincardine & Walkerton

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Saugeen Valley

Home to resort towns Port Elgin and Kincardine, the Saugeen Valley area is famed for its spectacular sunsets. A blend of tranquil farmland and sparkling lakeshore, the area offers some of the most lovely scenic drives in southern Bruce County, and unparalleled twilight vistas along the Lake Huron coast. Inland, the back roads are dotted with small towns and a surprise at every corner, from antique farm machinery replicated by hand to a museum that collects 19th-century household goods, from microbreweries that operate according to the Bavarian Purity Laws of 1516 to handcrafted soaps.

Gillies Hill [B5] and Malcolm [C5] These two ghost towns share a similar heritage. Both crossroads hamlets were founded by Scottish settlers in the 1850s, served the basic needs of local farmers and occasional travelers for several decades, then gradually declined after the end of World War I, due to the rising popularity of the automobile. Cairns at both sites are dedicated to the pioneers.

Hanover [C6] The Saugeen River originates near Hanover and has gained a reputation as the best family canoe route in Ontario. River conditions over the 102 km northwest toward Southampton vary from broad, quiet sections to stretches with rapids and eddies, making it ideal for learning to canoe. Hanover is also noted for its fine local furniture, and weekend harness racing at Hanover Raceway.

Kincardine [C1] Settled by Scots in the mid-1800s, Kincardine's tree-lined streets feature Italianate, Victorian, and Queen Anne homes. Gorgeous sunsets can be viewed from the beachfront near the historic lighthouse. Kincardine has become known for its summer music festival and Bluewater Summer Playhouse, where cabaret musicals are performed. On Saturday evenings in summer, tourists and locals alike gather to the sound of bagpipes to parade down the main street.

Paisley [B4] Once known as "The Hub of Bruce County," Paisley is a pleasant crossroads town. Visit the Treasure Chest Museum to see a wonderful collection of 19th-century household goods and furnishings, including oil lamps and locally made agricultural implements. The Elora Soap Company makes hand-made natural soaps, bath herbs, and essential oils on site.

Point Clark Lighthouse [D1] The Point Clark Lighthouse was built in the late 1850s to warn sailors of the shoal about 3 km offshore. Typical of the six Imperial towers built in the region, a 27 m stone tower is topped by a 12-sided lantern with a domed roof. The lighthouse keeper's two-story house, a national historic site, is now operated as a museum containing photos and marine artifacts.

Port Elgin [A3] The largest town in Bruce County, Port Elgin (pop. 7,000) is nicknamed "The Town of Maples" for its many shade trees along its side streets and for the maple-leaf patterns inlaid into the pavement at downtown intersections. A major attraction is the half-scale replica of an 1836 steam train that takes visitors on a 1.6 km ride from the Station on the main beach along the harbor into North Shore Park. In October, farmers and visitors from all over Ontario vie for the prize of the world's largest pumpkin at Pumpkinfest.

Provincial Parks and Conservation Areas

Parks in this area owe their distinctive character and unusual land-forms to the glaciers that covered most of southern Ontario 12,000 years ago. Mac-Gregor Point Provincial Park [A3] has secluded beaches, former sand dunes, pebbly ridges, and wetlands. There are several walking and cycling trails. Boardwalks allow access to the wetlands. Ш Inverhuron Provincial Park [B2] has a beautiful beach and an old shoreline road used by pioneers that can be hiked. IS Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area [A4] has camping and day-use facilities in a huge maple forest. You can hike the scenic trails along breathtaking cliffs or canoe or kayak in the Saugeen River.



Hanover Raceway Hanover Town Park and Campground Whispering Hills Golf Course


Kincardine Lighthouse Bluewater Summer

Playhouse Pipe Band Parades


Treasure Chest Museum Elora Soap Company Hose Tower


Point Clark Lighthouse National Historic Site and Museum


Port Elgin and North Shore "Miniature" Railroad

Map of Kincardine & Walkerton. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Kincardine & Walkerton (Saugeen Valley)