Map of Gulf of St. Lawrence. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Gulf of St. Lawrence with cities and towns

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Map of Gulf of St. Lawrence. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Gulf of St. Lawrence with cities and towns

Gulf of St. Lawrence

Aland of vast natural resources where mighty rivers like the Manicouagan and Riviere aux Outardes are harnessed for hydroelectric power, Quebec's Gulf of St. Lawrence region beckons you to explore nature in all its splendor. The North Shore shares with its neighbor across the St. Lawrence, the Gaspe Peninsula, a strong connection to the sea and an extraordinary abundance of opportunities to see marine life in its element. Take a tour-boat excursion and search for the mighty blue whale, visit the salt marshes and watch for over 175 bird species at Pointe-aux-Outardes, or dive into the area's rich underwater world in bays and coves along the shore. On the South Shore, in Matane, the St. Lawrence is referred to as La Mer ("The Sea"). Wherever you go, North Shore or South, the misty perfume of the salt air will remind you of the strong pull of the sea.

Baie-Comeau [D3]

Named for the famous North Shore trapper, geologist, and naturalist Napoleon-Alexandre Comeau, Baie-Comeau is divided into two districts, each with a very different look and feel. The Mingan area is working class and commercial, while the Marquette area contains the heritage Quartier Sainte-Amelie, with many neo-Georgian-style homes and one of the North Shore's grand hotels, Hotel le Manoir. Outside of town lie three massive hydroelectric dams along the Manicouagan River, which can all be visited free.

Gaspesie Conservation Park [E7-8] This park protects a great diversity of plant and animal life, which varies with changes in altitude. At the far end of the Appalachian Chain, summits in the Chic-Chocs reach more than 1,000 m in height, including Mont Jacques-Cartier (1,268 m) and Mont Albert (1,154 m). Be on the lookout for wood caribou on the mountains' ridges. Exquisite cuisine and fine lodging can be found at Gite du Mont-Albert.

Matane [E5] An annual festival in June celebrates Matane's most important harvest: shrimp. Drop by the Old Lighthouse (1911), once a landmark for navigators of La Mer; now a tourist information office that offers an excellent panoramic view of the Saint-Ulric windmills and the Gaspe coastline.

Sainte-Anne-des-Monts [D7] This charming town, cradled in the hollow of a serene cove, is the perfect union of mountain, city, and river. Well worth a visit are the two-steeple Sainte-Anne Church, the spectacular Sainte-Anne salmon river, and Chateau Lamontagne, one of the most beautiful Regency-style buildings in Quebec.

Sept-Iles [A7] The North Shore's biggest city is also the site of Quebec's largest port (deep enough for oceangoing vessels), and the second-biggest port in Canada by tonnage handled. The Vieux Poste is a reconstruction of a local log fort built in 1661 and burned down in 1692, where the French traded with the Innu. The Musee Regional de la Cote-Nord displays over 40,000 artifacts found on archaeological digs along the North Shore.



Sainte-Amelie Church Vieux Poste de Manicouagan (1899 sawmill) Centre d'lnformation

Hydro-Quebec (hydroelectric complex) Des Pionniers Park

Baie-Comeau Summer Theatre Manicouagan River


Nature Interpretation Centre Chic-Chocs Wildlife Reserve Mont Lyall Agate Mine


Saint-Jerome Church The Old Lighthouse (Tourist Office) Reserve faunique de Matane (wildlife reserve) Barrage Mathieu-D'Amours (salmon migratory pass) Doris Gardens Matane Cultural Complex Pare des lies


Chateau Lamontagne Explorama Discovery Centre Au Petit-Bois (children's park) Lac Sainte-Anne


Vieux Poste (18th-century Hudson's Bay Company

Trading Post) Musee de la Cote-Nord (North Shore Regional Museum) Musee Shaputuan (Innu museum) Sept-Iles Performing Arts Centre Faisanderie des lies (poultry farm) Pare de I'Archipel des Sept-Iles La Patente Summer Theatre


Map of Gulf of St. Lawrence. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Gulf of St. Lawrence with cities and towns