Map of Guelph & Mississauga. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Guelph & Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)

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Map of Guelph & Mississauga. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Guelph & Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)



West of Toronto, Wellington and Peel counties are set amidst rolling, wooded countryside and some of the oldest farmland in Ontario. The area is often referred to as "Festival Country" because it hosts a panoply of cultural events in summer, from Highland games to jazz. Here and there pockets of Wellington and Peel are perfectly preserved snapshots of the past: you can still see Old Order Mennonites living as they did 200 years ago, their simple black carriages pulled by handsome horses along the rural roads.

Elora [C2] The historical ambience of Elora's Mill Street makes it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ontario. Like a step back in time, you can wander from historic shop to shop, visit the venerable Elora Mill, or ponder the town's symbol-the Tooth of Time, a stone outcropping surrounded by the rapids of the Grand River. On the outskirts of town, the Elora Quarry is a traditional swimming hole and a unique venue for the annual Elora Festival concerts. Hikers can ramble the Elora Cataract Trail. Part of the Trans Canada Trail, it leads, via Fergus, over 47 km to Forks of the Credit Provincial Park, well-known for its fall colors.

Fergus [C2] The Scottish heritage of this charming town on the banks of the Grand River is reflected in its 19th-century limestone buildings, street names, and most exuberantly in its annual Fergus Scottish Festival and Bells Highland Games held in August.

Guelph [E3] Founded in 1827 by British land developer John Gait, and named in honor of the British Royal Family, Guelph is a gracious city set at the junction of the Speed and Eramosa rivers, with century-old limestone buildings, tree-lined streets and a rich cultural heritage. Points of interest include the glorious Church of Our Lady (1888), on the highest hill overlooking downtown, and the University of Guelph's Arboretum, 160 hectares of botanical gardens, nature trails, and a memory forest. To feel the pulse of community life here, visit the Guelph Farmer's Market early any summer Saturday morning. Guelph is also the midpoint of The Ale Trail, a tour of local craft breweries from Waterloo to Elora. A wide range of beers are offered, from refreshing pilsner to robust porters; from delicate wheat beers to smooth cream ales. Brewery tours and tastings are available on weekends.

Kleinburg [B8] Kleinburg is the home of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, one of the largest displays of 20th-century Canadian art. Magnificent works by the renowned Group of Seven, as well as an impressive collection of First Nations, Inuit, and contemporary Canadian artists are in the Gallery. The Gallery is nestled on 40 hectares of woodland featuring outdoor sculptures and walking trails.

St. Jacobs [El] The most visited spot in Ontario's Mennonite Country, St. Jacobs is a mix of old and new ways. Its bustling main street boasts an eclectic collection of shops-some housed in an old silo, others in a box car. At the Mennonite Story Visitor Centre you can take a multimedia trip into Mennonite history and learn the story of their journey following "the Trail of the Black Walnut" to Ontario. The St. Jacobs Farmers Market is one of the largest in the area and open year-round. Hand-quilting in the area is also famous.



Mill Street Elora Mill Elora Quarry Elora Cataract Trail Elora Gorge


Fergus Market Templin Gardens Theatre on the Grand Wellington County Museum and Archives


Guelph Farmers Market Church of Our Lady

McCrae House Guelph Civic Museum Macdonald Stewart

Art Centre Hammond Museum of Radio Kortright Waterfowl Park Riverside Park University of Guelph Arboretum Sleeman Brewery


McMichael Gallery


Mennonite Story

Visitor Centre Waterloo County Farmers Market

St. Jacobs Farmers Market St. Jacobs Factory Outlet Mall Maple Syrup Museum of Ontario Stone Crock Restaurants and Bakery


Map of Guelph & Mississauga. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Guelph & Mississauga (Ontario, Canada)