Map of Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs with cities and towns

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Map of Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs with cities and towns

Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs

Welcome to one of the most culturally diverse regions in Quebec. The Mi'kmaq, sometimes called "the Indians of the Sea," have lived on the Gaspe Peninsula for more than 2,500 years. They were later joined by French, Acadian, Loyalist, Breton, Basque, English, Irish, and Scottish settlers who came seeking refuge, work, and a homeland. The quaint Quebec and New Brunswick villages along the Baie des Chaleurs, contrasted with the rugged beauty of its mountains and wide sweep of the sea, made the Gaspe Quebec's first widely known resort area, and it remains as popular as ever as a vacation spot and a favorite destination for fishing enthusiasts. Many of the magnificent salmon rivers in the region are said to be the best in Quebec.

Bonaventure [E5] One of the most important Acadian bastions in Quebec, Bonaventure was founded in 1760, after the famous Acadian Expulsion of 1755-60. Its history is recounted in the Musee Acadien du Quebec. While visiting, sample a craft unique in Canada-wallets and purses made out of fish leather.

Caraquet, New Brunswick [E6]

Founded in the 1757, Acadia's oldest village and cultural center is renowned for its fishing, whale watching, sailing, and delicious seafood. Visit the 200-year-old Sainte-Anne-de-Bocage shrine, see New Brunswick's only fishing school, charter a boat for deep-sea tuna fishing, or stroll along the wharf or beach and watch the sun go down.

Carleton [D4] On luly 9, 1534, Jacques Zartier found this spot and named it Boycdcs Chaleurs ("Bay of Warmth"), writing that the waters were "more temperate than Spain and more beautiful than is conceivably possible." Today, Carleton is one of the largest tourist centers on Baie des Chaleurs. To view the entire region in all its splendor, take a drive to the 555 m summit of Mont Saint-Joseph, where you can see Baie des Chaleurs and the distant shore of New Brunswick. Forillon National Park

[B8] For thousands of years, the movement of the waves have sculpted the coastal landscapes of this park into fascinating shapes. You can explore long pebbled beaches, jagged limestone cliffs, and small coves protected by rocky capes, snorkle or scuba dive in the Baie de Gaspe, or watch the more than 200 bird species visit Forillon every year. The park's forests are home to moose, black bear, lynx, and many smaller mammals. Over 70 km of hiking trails lead to unforgettable seascapes and mountain views.

Gaspe [B7] The Mi'kmaq first named this area "Gespeg" ("end of the land"). Today, Gaspe is best known for the 9 m granite cross commemorating Jacques Cartier's landing here in 1534. At the Gespeg Historic Site, Mi'kmaq guides will help you reconstruct life in Gespeg circa 1675.

New Richmond [D5] This Quebec town has strong Loyalist, Scottish, and Irish roots, best seen in the architecture of its tidy churches. The British Heritage Center-a collection of relocated and restored buildings from around Baie des Chaleurs-is a window on New Richmond's Anglo-Saxon past.

Perce [C8] Once the largest fishing port in the Gaspe, Perce is now a popular tourist and resort town with one of Canada's most recognizable landmarks, Perce Rock, a soaring 88 m high pierced block of limestone named by Champlain. Perce is also renowned for its excellent restaurant fare-the annual Perce Lobster Festival in June is just one event that demonstrates the town's flair for seafood.



Musee Acadien du Quebec Bioparc de la Gaspesie Acadian Cafe Theatre de la Petite Maree La Charmoise Art Gallery Les Cuirs fins de la Mer (fish leather goods)


Acadian Museum Acadian Historical Village Le Carrefour de la Mer (interpretation center) New Brunswick Fishing School Acadian Leather Museum


Mont Saint-Joseph (summit and hiking trails)

Oratoire Notre-Dame

(1935) Tracadigash Point Park

Lighthouse Aqua-Мег Sea Water Therapy Centre Summer Theatre


Musee de la Gaspesie Cathedrale du Christ-Roi Croix de Gaspe (Jacques Cartier Monument) Notre-Dame-des-Douleurs Sanctuary Gespeg Historic Site


British Heritage Centre St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (1839)


Perce Rock lle-Bonaventure and Rocher-Регсё Provincial Park Musee Le Chafaud La Vieille Usine de L'Anse-a-Beaufils (cultural center) Maison Le Boutillier Hiking Trails


Map of Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Gaspe and Baie des Chaleurs with cities and towns