Map of Edson & Western Heartland. Detailed map of highway and roads of Edson and Western Heartland

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Western Heartland

Aregion of natural beauty set atop a high plateau between the North Saskatchewan and Pembina rivers, Alberta's western heartland is where the agricultural land of the east meets the oil-rich, forested foothills of the west. Churches and museums evoke the era of 19th-century missionaries who helped prepare for the coming of settlers. A mere stone's throw from Edmonton, the area is like a homespun quilt of cultures and traditions, stitched together by the historical tracks of the railroad.

Alder Flats [E6] The unusual campground Em Те Town was built over the years to recognize the old wild west. Each building was erected to depict a western town with saloon, barber shop, sheriff's station, blacksmith shop, general store, bank, and more. Visitors can fish and tube along Rose Creek and stay overnight in cabins or rooms.

Drayton Valley [d6]

Lumbermen and trappers first came to this area at the turn of the century. Later, mixed farming took over, then oil in 1953, and the population of Drayton Valley boomed from 75 to 2,000 people as workers and entrepreneurs moved in to extract from the Pembina Oil Field, the largest of its kind in North America. The Brazeau Dam has many points of interest for visitors along the Reservoir. An osprey nesting and heron colony in the flooded area are worth a peek.

Edson [b1] Hopper cars of bituminous coal rode the rails through Edson in the 1930s enroute to markets all over the world. When diesel took over as a source of fuel, Edson wavered until the 1950s when the upgrading of the Yellowhead Highway brought a heavy flow of private and commercial traffic. Indeed, Edson is now known as the "Heart of the Yellowhead." The Native Interpretive Trail illustrates aboriginal lifestyles with tepees, smoke pits, tanning racks as well as programs incorporating dances, food, and drumming. Galloway Station Museum displays artifacts showing the role transportation and industry played in the town's history.

Eansburg [b5] and entwistle [Вб]

Evansburg's Pembina Lobstick Historical Museum holds pioneer artifacts from the early 1900s in five pioneer buildings. At Entwistle, a 275 m bridge (and highest steel trestle on the CN Line) crosses the Pembina River. The trestle was manufactured in Scotland and assembled on site. Named after Grand Trunk Railway locomotive engineer and early settler James Entwistle, the town is near scenic Pembina River Provincial Park.

Lac Ste. Anne [A7]

The first Roman Catholic mission in Alberta was formed here in 1844 by Rev. Jean-Baptiste Thibault. Today, as many as 20,000 people visit a shrine here on the feast day of Saint Anne, July 26. In nearby Glenevis, the homestead and gardens of George Pegg offer a rare look at 284 plants unique in Alberta.

Stony Plain [b8] Sixteen downtown murals limn the history of this railroad town. Brush up on pioneer skills such as making soap and waving wool at the Multicultural Heritage Centre, which includes a library, restaurant, and a gallery. Shikaoi Park is a beautiful ornamental garden park commemorating the special relationship between the town and their sister town in Japan. Kids will enjoy nearby Alberta Fairytale Grounds, a 10-hectare shady site with trails leading to familiar fairytale characters.

Wabamun Lake [b7]

Wabamun is Cree for mirror, and the placid waters of Wabamun Lake draw people from all over the province for sailing, canoeing, and fishing. There is a provincial park on the lake, and The All Saints Heritage Place Museum in nearby Seba Beach covers the history of one of the Heartland's oldest resort areas.



Em Те Town


Drayton Valley Historical Society Museum Brazeau Dam


Galloway Station Museum Native Interpretive Trail Wild Sculpture Trail Red Brick Arts Centre

Emerson Lakes Silver Summit Ski Area


Pembina River Provincial Park


Pembina Lobstick Historical Museum


George Pegg Historic Gardens


Shrine of Ste. Anne


Multicultural Heritage Centre Pioneer Museum Shikaoi Park Rotary Park Alberta Fairytale Grounds


Wabamun Lake Provincial Park All Saints Heritage Place Museum

Map of Edson & Western Heartland. Detailed map of  highway and roads of Edson and Western Heartland

Map of Edson & Western Heartland. Detailed map of  highway and roads of Edson and Western Heartland