Map of Drumheller Area. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Drumheller Area with cities and towns

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Map of Drumheller Area. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Drumheller Area with cities and towns

Drumheller Area


East of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta's Red Deer Badlands holds its own for amazing natural attractions. Millions of years of erosion have carved the unusual, almost lunar landscape of the badlands, exposing layer after layer of sedimentary rock and revealing vast, ancient fossil beds. The coal industry once fueled this region; more than 100 coal mines operated here between 1910 and the late 1950s. Today, 3,000 oil and gas wells replace the mines, and dinosaurs remain the area's top tourist attraction.


Drumheller [C5]

Named after Dr. J. B.Tyrrell (1858-1957), who unearthed the first of hundreds of complete dinosaur skeletons here in 1884, the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology has become one of Canada's most popular attractions. Families can spend the entire day here, learning about the earth's evolution and the dinosaurs in an array of captivating displays, interactive exhibits, summer sleep-overs, and digs. Outside, trails and guided jeep tours lead into bone beds in the badlands. The museum has 40 complete reconstructed dinosaur skeletons, from Edmon-tosaurs to Xiphactinus. ® Just outside town is the Homestead Antique Museum, with restored farm tractors, a barbershop, and toys from the 1890s. Drumheller also hosts an exhibition and stampede in July.


East Coulee [C6] East Coulee's School Museum and Cultural Centre, a provincial historic site, is located in the center of this old mining town, where coal was first mined in 1924. A restored school room contains books, maps, desks, and old report cards while another room exhibits antique coalmining equipment, clothing, and photographs. The museum offers half-day badlands hikes and fossil labs. The historic Atlas Coal Mine also has a full slate of interpretive programs and demonstrations among original mine buildings and residences. Besides machines and artifacts, including records from 140 different coal mines, the Atlas Mine has the only wooden ore-sorting tipple left in Canada, and visitors can stand at the top of the eight-story-high device.


Hanna [B7] Famous for goose hunting, Hanna also is home to the Doll Palace, which features more than 2,600 dolls. After viewing the dolls, visitors can stop for tea in the tea room and gift shop. Hanna Pioneer Museum and village recreates a 19th-century pioneer village with boardwalks, eight restored buildings including a blacksmith shop and telephone office. A wildlife sanctuary is located in Prairie Oasis Park.


Horseshoe Canyon Provincial Recreation Area [C4] Seventeen kilometers west of Drumheller off Hwy 9 is a lookout over Horseshoe Canyon. Canada's mini-Grand Canyon, Horseshoe is a 200-hectare expanse of badlands amid the prairies spanning more than 1.5 km at its widest. An interpretive center displays panels of canyon geology, and outlines trails into and along the edge of the canyon. Hike down into the canyon to see a dinosaur fossil replica, petrified wood, ancient arrowheads as well as hoodoos, sinkholes, piping, slumps, rills, and popcorn soil texture, all natural features of the badlands. Visitors can also rent golf carts with a self-guided audio tour along the Terra Trail.


Three Hills [B3]

Kneehill Historical Museum comes complete with a set of railway tracks and two CNR cars at the station. A diverse display of RCMP and army uniforms, old mining equipment, and early surgical tools tell of pioneer careers in the region.



The Dinosaur Trail

This popular 48 km driving trail starts north of Drumheller, and heads west along the Red Deer River valley on Hwy 838. This "Valley of the Dinosaurs" is a vast prehistoric graveyard where whole skeletons of dinosaurs have been found. Climbing from the valley to the prairie benehland, the trail takes in Horse Thief Canyon lookout and, most exciting for kids, the Bleriot cable ferry across the river to Hwy 837 leading back to Drumheller. Near the end of the trail is Prehistoric Park, where life-size dinosaur models are displayed. Along the route is "The Biggest Little Church in the World," which seats 20,000 people a year-six at a time.


The Hoodoo Trail

Eerie, vertical sandstone rock formations jutting out of the Red Deer River valley, their odd shapes sculpted by millennia of wind and water erosion, hoodoos are a popular attraction in the badlands. The Hoodoo Trail follows Hwy 10 from Nacmine through Drumheller, Rosedale, Wayne, and East Coulee, with spectacular examples of hoodoos along the way, their hues ranging from subtle pinks to earthy browns.


Map of Drumheller Area. Detailed map of the highway and local roads of Drumheller Area with cities and towns