Road map of Dauphin & Roblin. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Dauphin & Roblin (Parkland Region)

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Parkland Region


North of Riding Mountain National Park, the Parkland region mingles rectangles of farmland and rolling forested hills. Assiniboine and Cree peoples have lived here for thousands of years. The heirs of French, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Finnish and other settlers of European stock still work the lands and the forests that their forebears opened up in the late 1800s. In summer, Asessippi and Duck Mountain provincial parks provide recreational opportunities for fishing, hiking, and camping; in winter, the parks' snow-powdered slopes irresistibly draw skiers.


Asessippi Provincial Park [El] At the junction of the Assiniboine and Shell rivers, Asessippi is the smallest of Manitoba's provincial parks. Three trails offer panoramic views of the park's glacier-carved valleys. The notable man-made site is the mighty earthfill Shellmouth Dam, built in 1968 to stem the Assiniboine. Behind the dam lies the 67-km-long Lake of the Prairies, a popular spot for sports fishing. Every year, the walleye catch in the lake is about five times greater than the provincial average.


Dauphin [D5] This thriving community boasts two major attractions. Selo Ukraina (Ukrainian Village), 10 km southwest of town, hosts Canada's National Ukrainian Festival at midsummer. The 58-hectare site contains a 10,000-seat outdoor amphitheater and the Ukrainian Heritage Village. In early July, the amphitheater showcases Countryfest, a gathering of Canadian and American folk singers. Fort Dauphin Museum brings to life an 18th-century


North West Company trading post, with a blacksmith shop and a fur trapper's cabin. Parkland Regional Laboratory, part of the museum, has displays and information on more than 1,000 archaeological sites in this region.


Duck Mountain Provincial Park [B2-B3]

A famous feature of this park is Manitoba's highest point, 831 -m-high Baldy Mountain. Hiking trails lead to a lookout on the summit, which provides panoramic views of Grandview Valley to the south, and Winnipegosis and Dauphin lakes to the east. The park's forested hills, valleys, lakes, and wetlands abound with species such as bald eagles, pileated woodpeckers and, occasionally, golden-winged warblers or American woodcocks. Anglers come here for arctic char and rainbow, brook, and brown trout. East Blue Lake-arguably Manitoba's clearest-is a top scuba-diving spot. At Swan Lake, you can arrange bear-viewing or horseback trips in the park, or rent all-terrain vehicles for use there. To orient yourself, first visit the Duck Mountain Forest Interpretive Centre, near the junction of Provincial Roads 366 and 367.


Roblin [D1] A 1906 CNR station, now Abigail's at the Station, combines Roblin's tourist information center with a gift-and-tea shop. The centerpiece of the village's Keystone Pioneer Museum is the restored 1910thatched-roof Elaschuk House. Just south of town, visitors can explore a 3 km self-guiding trail at the nursery created by innovative Canadian horticulturist Dr. Frank Leith Skinner (1882-1967), who developed more than 100 new plant varieties to survive the prairie winters.


Trembowla [D5] A granite Cross of Freedom marks the spot where a wooden cross was raised in 1897. It was the first time in Canada that Ukrainian settlers enacted a tradition dating from the abolition of serfdom in their homeland. The first Ukrainian Divine Liturgy in Canada was also celebrated. The site's historic buildings include a pioneer home, an early school, and St. Michael's, the first Ukrainian Catholic church in Canada.




Shellmouth Dam



Dr. Vernon L. Watson

Arts Centre Fort Dauphin Museum Selo Ukraina



Watson Crossley Community Museum



Keystone Pioneer Museum Abigail's at the Station



Swan River Museum



Cross of Freedom Site and Museum

Road map of Dauphin & Roblin. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Dauphin & Roblin (Parkland Region)

Road map of Dauphin & Roblin. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Dauphin & Roblin (Parkland Region)