Map of Beauce (Saint-Georges). Detailed map of the highway and roads of The Beauce (Saint-Georges)

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Map of Beauce (Saint-Georges). Detailed map of the highway and roads of The Beauce (Saint-Georges)

The Beauce

The Beauce is one of the oldest settled rural areas in North America. It's a region resplendent with natural and man-made contrasts: the proud peaks of the Appalachians overlook idyllic river plains that give way to the raging water of the Chaudiere River in spring. Solitary maple stands dot the lush fields of the Etchemin River valley, while in the towns, curious tourists explore a miniature village, examine a well-known covered bridge, or visit an historic Trappist monastery. The mighty Etchemin River, which crosses the northern Beauce, is an enduring reminder of the region's Native roots. "Etchemin," a name the river shares with a beautiful lake in the area, is derived from the Abenaki Etemankiaks, meaning "those of the land of snowshoe skins."

Lac-Etchemin [A6]

Nestled on the shores of grand Lac Etchemin, this is one of the most popular all-season vacation spots in the area. Enjoy a wide list of activities, including golf, cycling, fishing, hiking, and in winter, snowmo-biling, skiing, and inner-tubing. The Eco-Park is a lovely green space on Lac Etchemin, with a supervised public beach, nature trails, and boat rentals.

Notre-Dame-des-Pins [C5] The point of departure for many Appalachian gold seekers in the 19th century, Notre-Dame-des-Pins is particularly proud of its covered bridge, built in 1928. At 154.5 m, Pont Perreault is the longest bridge of its kind in Quebec, and the second longest covered bridge in Canada. The town also offers a snowmobile center and trails.

Saint-Georges-de-Beauce [D5] This dynamic city is the economical and industrial capital of the Beauce. Among its attractions are a magnificent church with three silver bell towers, a convention center and health spa, the Sartigan Dam, a miniature village with 75 houses and buildings that are reproductions of actual structures in the Beauce, and lively traditions such as the Beauce Grand Prix cycling competition and the Beauce Maple Festival.

Sainte-Justine [A7-8]

Trappist monks first colonized this now-prosperous area, and their influence is still highly visible today. The Trappist Monastery and Historic Site includes a heritage home that played a large role in the order's history, a dairy, and an archeological site. In the summer, stroll through Sainte-Anne's Chapel in the village's core, where local craftspeople sell their wares.

Sainte-Rose-de-Watford [В7] After a visit to this friendly village, you'll have a good idea of what life was like Chaudiere River in Quebec at the turn of the 19th century. Start with a tour of the General Store (1910) and Ancestral House. This home, which is attached to the store, showcases antiques and photos that belonged to area families. Don't miss a visit to the famous hiding place of World War II conscripts, or a guided tour of the Church Museum from May to October.

Thetford Mines [D1] Although a major industrial center, Thetford Mines provides over 7.5 km of pathways for cyclists, strollers, and nature enthusiasts. Elegant old homes and stately churches such as Saint-Alphonse Cathedral (1907) will delight those with an eye for architecture. Rock hounds will want to visit the Mining Museum, and from June to September, you can journey deep under the earth in guided tours of the city's famous asbestos mines, in operation since 1876.

Vallee-Jonction [A4]

With the arrival of the Quebec Central Railway system, this city became the hub of Quebec railway traffic in 1881. Relive Beauce's railway history at Vallee-Jonction's Quebec Central Railway Museum, located in the Old Stone railway station (1917).



Eco-Park Mont Original


Pont Perreault (covered bridge)

Creativites Beauceronnes

Art Gallery


Saint-Georges Church

Sartigan Dam Baillargeon Miniature Village Saint-Georges Convention Centre


Trappist Monastery and Historic Site Sainte-Anne's Chapel


Sainte-Rose Church Museum General Store and Ancestral House


Thetford Mines Museum Frontenac Park Mont Adstock

Thetford Asbestos Mines


Vallee-Jonction Railway Interpretation Centre Chaudiere-Appalaches Tourism Trains


Map of Beauce (Saint-Georges). Detailed map of the highway and roads of The Beauce (Saint-Georges)