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The Battlefords


AI across west central Saskatchewan visitors will discover reminders to the province's fascinating, sometimes, turbulent, past. Battleford still treasures a legacy of heritage buildings from the time when it was the seat of territorial government. Cut Knife is the site of one of many military encounters of the 1885 Northwest Rebellion, which brought conflict to the peaceful prairies. During the spring and fall, vast flocks of birds crowd the Saskatchewan's skies. In this region, the migratory spectacle can best be observed at Red Lake National Bird Sanctuary.


Battleford [A3] The North West Territory's capital (1876 to 1882), Battleford lost its status when the government moved to Regina. The old Government House (1878) recalls Battle-ford's brief glory. Also prized here are some 30 heritage buildings, such as the Gardiner Church (1886) and the town hall (1912). Fort Battleford National Historic Site salutes the North West Mounted Police (forerunner of the RCMP). A reconstructed stockade contains officers' quarters, the commanding officer's residence, a guard house, and a stable. Guides in period costume escort visitors around the site. The Fred Light Museum, housed in an old school, displays a firearms collection, and also acts as a visitors center. Saskatchewan's longest bridge spans the North Saskatchewan River between Battleford and its sister city, North Battleford.


Biggar [E4] "New York is big, but this is Biggar," proclaims a billboard at the outskirts of this agricultural community. Biggar Museum and Gallery tells about local settlement. The Homestead Museum consists of eight pioneer buildings including a store, country church, and a red hip-roof barn.


Cut Knife [A1] The world's largest tomahawk predominates here. Its 9-m-long fir handle supports a fiberglass 1,250 kg blade. A cairn commemorates the 1885 Battle of Cut Knife Hill, in which Chief Pound-maker's Cree warriors repulsed an NWMP force. The battlefield plaques recount details of the encounter. At Poundmaker Cree Nation, north of Cut Knife, a framework of tepee poles on a hill mark the grave of Poundmaker, a key figure of the 1885 Rebellion. The Clayton McLain Memorial Museum houses Native and pioneer artifacts in 11 historic buildings.


Hafford [A6] From this village, visitors can explore many of the local lakes and parks. One must-see site, Redberry Lake National Bird Sanctuary is 10 km east of town. Its salty waters and marshes supply plants, fish, insects, and amphibians that sustain migrating Canada geese, tundra swans, and tens of thousands of ducks. North America's largest known colony of white-winged scoters can be seen near Marshy Creek in late summer. The Stuart Houston Ecology Centre describes Red Berry Lake's ecosystem, and offers bird-watching boat tours of the lake.


North Battleford [A3]

This city of 15,000 was born when the Canadian National Railway picked what was then a small settlement as a rail stop in 1905. Within five years, it acquired city status. At the North Battleford branch of the Western Development Museum, the theme is agriculture in Saskatchewan. The museum contains a 1920s prairie village, complete with a bank, barbershop, and drugstore, and a working farm, which employs early agricultural equipment and techniques. North Battleford boasts an art gallery devoted to acclaimed Cree artist Allan Sapp, whose work depicts life at nearby Red Pheasant Reserve during the 1930s and 40s. The gallery, located on the main floor of the restored Andrew Carnegie Library, possesses more than 400 of the artist's paintings, donated by his North Battleford mentor and patron, Alan Gonor.




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Biggar Museum and Gallery Homestead Museum



Clayton McLain Memorial Museum Chief Poundmaker

Historical Centre and Teepee Village



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Wilkie Museum and Heritage Society

A military display of bygone weaponry at Fort Battleford

Map of The Battlefords. Detailed map of the highway and roads of The Battlefords area (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Map of The Battlefords. Detailed map of the highway and roads of The Battlefords area (Saskatchewan, Canada)