Map of Banff & Rocky Mountain Parks. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Banff & Rocky Mountain Parks

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Map of Banff & Rocky Mountain Parks. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Banff & Rocky Mountain Parks

Rocky Mountain Parks


Four contiguous national parks in the Canadian Rockies-Jasper, Banff, Yoho, and Kootenay-make up the majority of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage Site. Natural, cultural, and historic attractions abound here: cold mountain lakes, hot springs, fascinating glacial and geological formations, inviting forest trails, pioneering ranches, world-class ski resorts. Bighorn sheep, mountain goats, elk, and bears roam the rugged peaks. At every turn in Rocky Mountain Parks, a breathtaking, 360-degree vista of majestic landscape awaits.

Banff [D4] Fantastic shopping and fine restaurants cater to this famous town's millions of international visitors. For a taste of history and culture, visit Cave and Basin National Historic Site, which pays tribute to the park's origins when amazed railway workers discovered hot springs in 1885. The modern Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies interprets the park's cultural and natural history in four art galleries and six heritage homes. The Sulphur Mountain Gondola climbs 690 m up to a sweeping panorama of the Rockies. The Banff Centre also offers a Festival of the Arts in late summer.

Banff National Park [A1-E4] Canada's first national park, founded as "Rocky Mountains Park" in 1887, Banff is a four-season playground featuring 2,590 hectares of challenging ski terrain and 1,500 km of mountain trails. Horseback ride, hike, or cycle to one of more than 50 back-country campsites. The Tunnel Mountain Hoodoos Trail has views of the valley and a close-up look at hoodoos over the Bow River.

Canmore [E4] With 70 km of trails, Canmore Nordic Centre, developed for the 1988 Winter Olympics, caters to crosscountry skiers of all skills, as well as hikers and bikers. Advanced skiers can skip the gentle touring trails and head for glacial traverses instead.

Cochrane [D7] The Cochrane Ranch claimed to be the largest ranch in the Dominion in 1888. A slate of interpretive programs, guided tours, and special events at the Cochrane Ranch National Historic Site keep the spirit and heritage of ranching in Western Canada alive. Look for colorful hang gliders that ride the air currents and thermals above Cochrane Hill.

Kootenay National Park [E2-E3] South of Banff and Yoho national parks, Kootenay contrasts hot springs and glacial lakes, high icefields and deep canyons. Popular trails include the Stanley Glacier Trail and Marble Canyon, an easy interpretive gorge walk. Don't miss the Paint Pots-three ponds stained red, yellow, and orange with oxide-bearing waters, once a source of pigment for Native peoples.

Lake Louise [C2] At 1,536 m, this modest village is the highest community in Canada. Lake Louise itself is a milky-green gem, best visited early in the morning in autumn. Chateau Lake Louise stands atop a giant glacial moraine that dams the lake. Nearby Moraine Lake is also one of the best vantage hiking spots in the Rockies. Hikers can climb many hairpin bends from Moraine Lake Lodge up to the Larch Valley and an incredible view of the lake 300 m below.

Yoho National Park [C1-D1] Just over the Great Divide in British Columbia, Yoho has stunning peaks and great hikes, including the easy one-hour Lake O'Hara Circuit. Off Yoho Valley Road, glacial water flies through a chute at Takakkaw Falls, one of Canada's highest waterfalls at 254 m. A guided hike is the only way to see 500-million-year-old fossils of more than 100 marine species at the Burgess Shale site. Don't miss the famous spiral railway tunnels, just east of Field.


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Map of Banff & Rocky Mountain Parks. Detailed map of the highway and roads of Banff & Rocky Mountain Parks