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Aviation Training Center Coast Guard Base in Mobile on map


Aviation Training Center Coast Guard Base in Mobile, AL Alabama Military Bases


A few people fail to consider the United States Coast Guard when they think about the armed forces in the country. Although it is not as popular overseas, it is just as important in the country. It is the only armed force that is operated by the Department of Homeland Security. Although it works as an independent force, it is under the jurisdiction of the United States Navy during critical times of war or if the president decides to make this move. Aviation Training Center is one of the major facilities operated by this force. It is located in Alabama and is maintained by the 8-th District. It is the only district that maintains the central part of the United States of America. It consists of four different stations. All the other districts deal with coastal areas. Although the mission of the US Coast Guard is mostly nautical, the search and rescue operations are conducted anywhere.


Aviation Training Center is responsible for all the US Coast Guard missions that can be taken inland. The most important ones include the SAR operations, as well as plenty of law enforcement activities. The logistical missions are just as important, especially since this installation cannot conduct ice patrolling, oil spills investigations or illegal immigrants actions. The training center is responsible for preparing some of the finest pilots in the force, as well as their proper certification. It is vital for these experts to provide the proper certificates according to the studies and experience of each pilot. The training courses are conducted on multiple aircrafts such as HH 65, HC 25, HC 130 (Hercules) or HH 60. Its motto says “Semper Paratus”, which means the base is always ready to defend and fight.


Aviation Training Center is not really among the oldest training facilities for pilots. It was established around the Vietnam War. Back then, the United States Coast Guard was using a basic training site from Savannah, Georgia. The base was established after the previous training centers adopted the powerful HH 52 A aircrafts in 1963. There was no room for them. The place supported the Korean War in the best manner. However, as the years passed by, the authorities figured out that the base in Savannah was not good enough for a major expansion project. It was limited, so the US Coast Guard had to look after a new place. It took the officials a few months to find a perfect place that could host all the aircrafts, support the training ranges and also have enough room for any potential expansion projects. This is how Aviation Training Center was founded.


Some of the most popular facilities at Aviation Training Center include a general health care clinic, dental offices and recreational sites. The facilities are open to all the military troops and civilian personnel and families. They include community centers, restaurants, basketball courts, society clubs and fitness clubs. They make this place as complete as possible, especially for the units relocated from other parts of the country along with their families.

Facts About Aviation Training Center Alabama

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In 2008, the name Army Aviation Center of Excellence was assigned to the Fort Rucker military division. As the Army Aviation headquarter, a total of 36 individual units are situated on the premises with multi-missioned participants who are categorized as civilians, contractors and other military operatives. Other units would include multi-service and multi-command operatives.


A specialized team of operatives are fully trained to execute assigned duties for integrating aviation service equipments in fighter jets and other units for the United States armed forces. The professionals trained in this establishment, are qualified to effectively maneuver the entire task individually assigned to teams. The individuals of this organization possess dominancy in the field, physically, mentally and spiritually committed to the Arm Forces and civilians worldwide that requires assistance.


The establishment consist of 15, 700 tenants on a daily basis, which includes 3, 600 family members, 5, 000 uniformed individual, 7, 000 contracted employees and civilians. Once the projects are completed, deployment is structured with aviation teams assigned effectively to perform skilled services and management duties as scheduled.


A total of three states containing a total of twenty-seven counties that covers land availability, airspace and a training field, for operatives that are trained professionally. There are seventeen stage fields, eighty-nine training sites situated in an area that is remote for five flight training and fuel point for arms forwarding.


The participants in this program offer the best services in aviation on a wide scale, fulfilling the equipment needs for the United States armed forces. The individuals trained are internationally recognized as classified operatives in the field. The division effectively maintains the level of content for families, soldiers, retirees and soldiers.  Operatives will locate, remedy and demolish all enemies as needed. They will provide the necessary support services to coordinate specified operations.