Assiniboia and Gravelbourg road map. Detailed map highway and roads Assiniboia and Gravelbourg cities (Saskatchewan, Canada)

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Assiniboia and Gravelbourg road map. Detailed map of the highway and local roads Assiniboia and Gravelbourg cities (Saskatchewan, Canada)

The Big Muddy


Big Muddy Creek winds through a broad valley and badlands, which contrast dramatically with the surrounding prairie. Bizarre buttes and hoodoos, carved by ancient glaciers and shaped by eons of erosion, punctuate the landscape in this ranching region. Historic sites and museums evoke the memory of mythic figures of the past: Natives, settlers, outlaws, and the police. The outlaws who once terrorized ranchers used Big Muddy's caves and coulees to hide stolen livestock and to evade posses. In the best tradition of the old West, the law triumphed, bringing the outlaws to justice in the early 1900s.


Assiniboia [B2]

Assiniboia and District Museum re-creates this community of 1912. A stroll along a boardwalk transports visitors to a prairie street of yesteryear. Also displayed are vintage vehicles, including a 1928 Model A and 1934 Studebaker, and old-time farm gear.


Coronach [E4] This is the starting point for a tour of sites in the Big Muddy valley and badlands, such as the 60-m-high Castle Butte. The local museum has photos and items pertaining to pioneer days. ® From Coronach, tour buses take visitors to Poplar River Power Plant and Strip Mine, 8 km south of town. The plant was Saskatchewan's first environmentally advanced thermal power station. The strip mine, Canada's largest lignite producer, boasts of using two of North America's biggest draglines. Guides explain the workings of both facilities.


Gravelbourg [Al]

Saskatchewan's French-speaking hub, this community was cited by Harrowsmith Country Life as one of Canada's most beautiful towns. Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral, built in 1918, is renowned for murals of biblical scenes, the work of the founding pastor Charles Maillard. St. Victor Petroglyphs Provincial Historic Park [C3] A stairway leads to the summit of a sandstone outcrop, where mysterious carvings, or petroglyphs, have been etched on the surface. The carv-ings-possibly the work of prehistoric native peoples-portray human faces and hands, and animal tracks. Because there are no depictions of horse hoofs, experts believe the carvings predate the early 1700s when horses first appeared on the plains. The carvings are best viewed in indirect light, in the late afternoon or early evening. At the summit, visitors may gasp at the 40 km vista of the encircling prairie.


Willow Bunch [C4]

The museum honors the memory of the 2-m-tall Edouard Beaupre, who was born at Willow Bunch in 1881. Items include a life-size statue of the giant, his outsized clothes, and his big bed. At the age of 17, Beaupre joined the circus to support his family. Although he died of tuberculosis in 1904, his ashes were buried at Willow Bunch only in 1990. His remains, long believed lost, were discovered at the University of Montreal's medical school. They were returned only after a lengthy legal battle.


Wood Mountain [Dl]

This hamlet of a hundred or so hosts Canada's longest continually running rodeo. The event, first staged by local ranchers and North West Mounted Police officers in the late 1800s, takes place at Rodeo Ranch Museum, 6 km south on Hwy 18. (SWood Mountain Post Provincial Historic Park, 2 km south of Rodeo Ranch Museum, re-creates two buildings of an NWMP post that existed here from 1871 to 1914. Exhibits recall how the Sioux chieftain Sitting Bull and his band fled to this part of southwestern Saskatchewan in 1876 after the Battle of Little Bighorn, across the border in Montana.

Access to the east block of Grasslands National Park is some 8 km south of Wood Mountain on Hwy 18.




Assiniboia and District Museum



Big Beaver Museum and Nature Centre



Coronach District Museum Poplar River Power Plant and Strip Mine



Our Lady of Assumption Cathedral



The Deep South Pioneer Museum



St. Victor Petroglyphs Provincial Historic Park Le Beau Village Museum



Rodeo Ranch Museum Wood Mountain Post

Provincial Historic Park Grasslands National Park (access to east block)


Assiniboia and Gravelbourg road map. Detailed map of the highway and local roads Assiniboia and Gravelbourg cities (Saskatchewan, Canada)